Walleye Cove Lodge on Lower Twin Lake:
  • Number of Cabins: 3 Large Housekeeping Cottages
  • Max Occupancy: 30 people
  • Max Depth Lower Twin: 120 feet
  • Max Depth Upper Twin: 110 feet
  • Shoreline: 29 miles
  • Area: 13.75 square miles
  • Fish Species in Twin Lakes: Walleye, Northern Pike, Whitefish
  • Fish Species in Drive-to lakes: Brook Trout & Walleye
  • Printable Map of Twin Lakes: twinlakes.pdf
  • Printable Map of Twin Lakes & Surrounding Area: twinlakes2.pdf
  • View Big Satellite Photo: twinlakessat.jpg (1640px X 1100px - 900K)
  • Walleye Cove Lodge features three large fully-equpped housekeeping cottages on Lower Twin Lake, ten miles north of Nakina, and offers outstanding fishing for Walleye and Northern Pike as well as many drive-to locations for Brook Trout and Lake Trout. Over the last decade or so lower limits and size restrictions on Walleye and Northern Pike have really improved the quality of the sports fishery in Ontario. This has been very noticeable on Upper Twin Lake and Lower Twin Lake. The fishing gets better every year. These two lakes are constantly supplied with fresh water and nutrients from the Drowning River and display multiple structures from rocky points and rocky shoals to flat weedy plateaus to river current. These are the conditions Walleye and Pike like the best. There is also Pete's Bay, which is where most of the Walleye spawn in the spring. Pete's Bay is a Provincial Fish Sanctuary so no fishing is allowed in the bay until well after the Walleye spawn. Since this bay has become protected in the spring, the Walleye fishing has improved every year.

    Walleyes are most commonly caught in the 16 to 22-inch range. In the spring you will catch bigger Walleyes during the day but in the summer the big females hide in the deeper water. Trolling close to shore at dusk and into the night will produce some exceptional fish because the big female Walleyes come shallow to feed. There are lots of 10-pound+ Walleyes caught in both lakes. Later in the fall the Whitefish are in the river spawning and the big female Walleyes go into the river at night and gorge themselves on the minnows that are eating the Whitefish eggs. On an average day, with our direction, you should be able to reel in 15 to 25 nice Walleye.

    There is a good population of Northern Pike as well as some monsters in the lake. Usually any lake with Whitefish produces big Pike because Whitefish are oily and are a rich reward. There are 20+ pound Northern Pike in the lake and in actual fact, one of the biggest Northern Pike ever caught in Ontario was caught & released off the dock at our lodge. It was 56 inches long and over 40 pounds, which is just 2 pounds less than the Ontario Record Northern Pike. Traditional Pike hunters fish the shallow weeds for Northern Pike, which is a good place for small to medium size Pike. The really big Monster Northern Pike are down deeper feeding on Whitefish or a few feet off the hot Walleye spots. Don't worry; these Pike often come into the warm shallows in order to help digestion when they have a stomach full of Whitefish. Even when they are full they still attack anything that moves. Have heard someone say the Pike was sunning itself? That is exactly what Pike do on warm summer days when their belly is full, just like an alligator, which might be why they are nicknamed Gators.

    From the lodge there are also stocked Brook Trout lakes hidden back in the bush and only accessible by logging roads. The Brook Trout are most common in the 1 to 2-pound range but these lakes do produce 4 and 5-pounders from time to time. We keep their location a secret and only show our guests where they are when they get here. There is excellent Whitefish and Perch fishing in the Twin Lakes. Both can be caught in great numbers and good sizes.

    Our lodge is located 6 miles east of Nakina on Lower Twin Lake. The cottages at our lodge have more luxuries than the outposts. They have hot and cold running water, washrooms with flush toilets and showers. They have normal beds with full size mattresses. They also have electricity and are fully equipped for housekeeping with electric lights, refrigerator and other appliances. The kitchen stove runs on propane. They also have all the pots, pans, coffee pots, cutlery, strainers and dishes that you need.

    We have one big cabin, which is in the back bay and protected from the weather. This cabin is perfect for large groups and is very roomy. The big cabin is heated by wood burning stove. We have 3 other cabins on the point looking out over the lake. These two cabins are heated by wood burning stove as well. A fourth new cabin is under construction. The cabins on the point have a awesome view of the lake and guests can watch unbelievable sunsets. The shoreline is sandy and excellent for swimming.

    Liquor, bank machines, telephones and groceries are available in Nakina and Geraldton.

    Please Note: On the big map is shows a railway going right by camp. That is an ATV trail. The train tracks were taken out 40 years ago. You will not hear any trains on your vacation. You will hear loons, waves washing up on shore and the odd owl.

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