Nakina Drive-to & Fly-in Perch Fishing:

Everybody loves to eat Perch and it's always nice to have a few with your Walleye. Perch are found in all our lakes and Perch north of Nakina get huge. There have been guests that have run into schools of Jumbo Perch that were the size of small Walleyes.

With a sports license, you are allowed to take 50 Perch home. When you are taking home 50 big Jumbo Nakina Perch, you are talking about a lot of fish fries.

Perch seem to be behind Walleyes in pecking order. When you find a spot such as a narrows that opens up into the main lake and you care catching Walleye after Walleye, soon the Walleyes stop hitting because they are spooked or all the hungry ones were caught. What a lot of guests do is take off to the next stop. If you see there are weed beds in the area, put on really tiny jigs and start casing to the edge of the weed and most times you will start hitting Perch. Perch always start feeding when the Walleyes slow down.

9 to 11-inch perch are common and once in a while guests catch a couple that are true Jumbo Perch and are 12 or 13 inches. Depending on how fat the fish is, that could be a or even pound Perch. Perch fishing is also a fun way to introduce young children to fishing.

Ontario Perch Fishing
Ontario Perch Fishing
Ontario Perch Fishing Ontario Perch Fishing
Ontario Perch Fishing

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