Nakina Drive-to & Fly-in Moose Hunting

Nakina is the top Moose hunting destination in Ontario and maybe all of Canada. Due to the high population of Moose; we receive way more adult Moose tags than outfitters that are farther south. This is why we are able to provide archery (bow) hunts, rifle hunts and Muzzleloader hunts at a very reasonable price.

Both guided and unguided Moose hunting packages are available for WMU 17, WMU 18A and WMU 18B. Ontario residents with their own tags are welcome to rent one of our cabins if available.

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  • 2012 Moose hunting success rate for guided and unguided was 80%

    We have fly-in Moose hunting at our outpost camps on Dusey Lake and Miska Lake. We also have three fly-in spike camps for serious Moose hunters that don't mind roughing it a little bit. Fly-in hunting is mainly done from boat or walking well used game trails or burn areas. The fishing for Walleye is excellent at these camps. Our fly-in groups almost always get their Moose.

    We also have drive-to Moose hunting from our Base Camp on Lower Twin Lake and our outpost cabin on Hanover Lake. Moose hunting out of our Base Camp gives you multiple Moose hunting landscapes to explore. There are endless miles of old logging roads, logged areas, burn areas and ATV trails, which allows you to go way back into the bush.

    Adult Bull Moose are common between 900 and 1300 pounds in Ontario. North of Nakina there has been Moose seen by guests that were estimated to be 1800 pounds. Some say they have seen even bigger Moose and here is a picture of a giant Moose photographed in Ontario in 2008 to show you that they can get big.

  • Moose at Komushikoba - A Moose Hunting Story

  • Ontario Bull Moose Record for Crossbow - Ernie Rollason - 210 1/2 inches
  • Ontario Bull Moose Record for Black Powder / Muzzleloader - Leo Potvin - 194 1/2 inches
  • Ontario Bull Moose Record for Rifle (Modern Firearms) - Fred Hilliard - 231 3/8 inches
  • Ontario Moose Hunting
    Ontario Moose Hunting
    Ontario Moose Hunting Ontario Moose Hunting
    Ontario Moose Hunting

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