Nakina Drive-to Brook Trout & Fly-in Brook Trout Fishing

The Brook Trout, also called the Speckled Trout by most people in Canada, is the most beautiful trout in the world and the best tasting. They can also be very elusive and frustrate the most seasoned Brook Trout Angler. They are also considered a very prestigious fish among trout anglers especially when you are talking about the size of Brook Trout guests are catching north of Nakina. In most places a 12-inch Brook Trout is considered a really big trout. It's actually hard to catch trout that small at our fly-in river camps.

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  • Fly-in Brook Trout Fishing:

    We are very lucky to have two fly-in camps on rivers that are rated to be among the top Brook Trout Rivers in Canada and without question the best in Ontario. The camps are far north and more expensive to fly to but worth it to guests who are obsessive over giant Brook Trout. As a result neither camp experiences any noticeable fishing pressure that would be needed to affect the fishery. The result is Brook Trout fishing just as good as is was hundreds of years ago.

    Dusey Lake / Dusey River:

    Our Dusey Lake Camp is a widening of the Dusey River, which eventually runs into the Albany River, which runs into James Bay. The Dusey River produces Brook Trout of fantastic size by most standards and produces good numbers. In the spring you can head west from our cabin and stick along the north shore and you will come to a first set of rapids. There will be Brook Trout in the rapids but also giant Northern Pike feeding on them so they spook very easily at this rapids. Once you have fished the rapids, you can drive the boat up the rapids and reach Loten Falls. You must be quiet and paddle the boat up to the right side of the falls and tie the boat to a branch. Then you can cast with small spinners and Cleos and hook into some beautiful Trout. If you don't get any right away, sit quietly and wait 20 minutes because bringing the boat into the area probably spooked them.

    Guests have caught many Brook Trout in the 1 to 3-pound range at the falls. There are 4 and 5-pound Brook Trout in this part of the river. It's usually the small ones that you catch first as they are more aggressive. You just have to be quiet and keep casting. If you are not getting the big ones on lures, then try throwing a worm in the hole and let it swirl around. In the summer you can take our flat stern canoe and a motor and head above the falls and fish a few set of rapids where the Brook Trout hide.

    The east end of the lake is where the river runs out. Late spring and summer there is a portage that goes to the bottom of the rapids and we have a 14-foot boat and motor waiting for you. In early spring the water will be too high and many feet into the bush and the portage is under water. You don't need to go below the rapids. Before the May Fly hatch, the big Brook Trout will be in the lake right at the top of the rapids in the smooth water before hitting the threshold of the rapids. They are there waiting for the May Flies to start floating down stream so casting a fly, tiny spinner or Cleos will get them. In the summer when water levels are lower so you can use the portage. Below the rapids the Brook Trout fishing is outstanding right up to the beginning of July. In the heat of the summer warm surface water from Dusey Lake pushes the Brook Trout down stream to where cold springs flow into the river. Below the big rapids there is unbelievable Walleye and Pike fishing as well.
    Teabeau Lake:

    Teabeau Lake is a widening of the famous Albany River. Down river from the cabin is Kagiami Falls. You can take our flat stern canoe with you and hike down to the bottom of the falls and explore down river or just fish the falls from shore. Monster Brook Trout hold up below the falls and can be found there all year but water temperature will dictate what fishing methods you use. There are also many sets of rapids up river from the cabin that hold many Brook Trout and have just as good or even better fishing than below the falls.

    In the Albany River, Brook Trout are common in the 1 to 4-pound range. Every year guests pull 5 and 6-pounders out of the river. There have been many reports that Brook Trout as big as 7 and 8 pounds have been caught. We don't want you to think you are going to catch a 7 or 8-pound Brook Trout but it is possible and there is no better place to be if you are looking for an extraordinary trophy Brook Trout.

    Whether you fish the Albany River or the Dusey River, most guests experience the best Brook Trout fishing they have ever had and catch the biggest Brook Trout of their lives.

    The color of the clothes you wear, the baits you throw, the fishing line you use, the time of day, the time of year, the weather, the water temperature and your skills at being stealthy are all factors, which will dictate your success. You can learn more from our Brook Trout River Fishing Tips. Brook Trout spook very easily and can be very elusive.

    Drive-to Brook Trout Fishing:

    From our Base Camp or Hanover Lake, there are a series of small spring-fed lakes that you can drive to with Brook Trout. You will need to bring a canoe, as motors are not allowed on these lakes. Some of these lakes are considered Artesian Wells and are being protected from any source of pollution. These lakes are all back in the bush and only accessible via logging roads. Some of the roads are not maintained so it's best to have a truck or SUV that can take some bumps and potholes. We will not divulge the location of these lakes on our web site but guests staying at the Base Camp of Hanover Lake will be told where they are if so desired. These lakes have been stocked with Brook Trout since the late 80s and now produce Brook Trout up to 4 pounds. In one of these lakes our webmaster, Gary, had a 6-pounder up to the canoe but it broke his line when it started freaking out on the surface.

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    Ontario Brook Trout Fishing
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