Nakina Drive-to Black Bear Hunting:

Ontario is the top destination in the World for Black Bear hunting. There are many conflicting reports but some researches have said the bear population in Ontario has risen to over 250,000 animals since the cancellation of the spring hunt. That's 1/3rd the population of Black Bears in all of Canada. There are so many bears that smaller bears are being pushed south by bigger dominant territorial bears. They are now showing up in Southern Ontario. Rural areas just north of Toronto are having bear problems when Black Bears have not been seen there for over 130 years.

2012 Black Bear hunt success rate was 75% Harvest, 100% Sighting

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  • The rising Black Bear population in Ontario cannot be attributed solely to the cancellation of the spring Black Bear hunt because success rates have greatly improved since then and hunters are harvesting more bears and bigger bears then ever before. The biggest factor is the fall of the fur trade. Black Bears eat berries and grasses but they prefer meat. With the fall of the fur trade, the Black Bear's favorite food, the Beaver, is back on the menu. The beaver population has exploded, which is giving bears the fat and the protein needed to have more cubs and to gain body weight. The population of Moose is also on the rise so there is more predation on Moose calves by Black Bears.
    Nakina is traditionally the top Moose hunting hub in Ontario. Very few outfitters offer Black Bear hunting this far north because outfitters concentrate on the Moose hunt. This has given bear-hunting guests at Seven Lakes Wilderness Camps a great opportunity to hunt wilderness areas where Black Bears have been totally ignored. Not only do our guests experience a high success rate, which has been 100% the last few years, they have a chance at harvesting some really big old boars.

    Our BMA is 750 square miles of wilderness that is just stuffed with Black Bears. The most common size bear in our BMA is 275 to 300 pounds, which is much larger than the average 150-pound bears that are harvested farther south. We even have a couple of old boys showing up at our bait stands that are in the 700-pound range. These big old bears are smart and very cautious. None of our hunting guests have been able to get them close enough for a shot but they have been seen. It's just a matter of time before one of our guests gets lucky.

    We set up 12 baits with tree stands in perfect position for a shot. We start baiting the stands fulltime in July to ensure all stands are active. We even bait the stands in May when the bears are first coming out of hibernation so that they know where to go for food when they want to fatten up for the next winter. We don't know of any other bear-hunting outfitter that does this. This extra effort is why are guests are enjoying a 100% success rate. Most of our stands are 2 to 3 miles apart. Hunting guests can move to another stand if a particular stand is only bringing in small bears. We can add more bait stands depending on the amount of bookings we get. We also want to set a limit to the amount of hunters we take each fall in order to maintain our high success rate.

    If you have someone in your hunting party with physical challenges and tree stands are not practical for them, please book early and tell us so we can set up ground blinds and start baiting by the ground blind long in advance of your arrival.

    Bear hunting is based out of our Base Camp on Lower Twin Lake.

    Ontario Black Bear Hunting
    Ontario Black Bear Hunting
    Ontario Black Bear Hunting Ontario Black Bear Hunting
    Ontario Black Bear Hunting
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